• Eye Wellness Exams with Vision Art Eye Care

    Dr. Mintchell highly recommends all patients including children to take advantage of our new state of the art Eye Wellness Scan. The Eye Wellness Scan provides a high definition scan of the retina which can reveal ocular anatomy beneath the surface of the eye in an exquisite and stunning detail. This technology allows Dr. Mintchell to see with unprecedented clarity early signs of ocular eye diseases such as:

    • Glaucoma
    • Macular eye diseases
    • Retinal diseases
    • Eye damage caused by diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure and other systemic conditions

    If you have a personal, family history or any physical examination findings consistent with any of these conditions or take high risk medications such as Plaquenil, it may be necessary to perform more in-depth testing or eye imaging studies. These images will be reviewed with you today during your examination. All images are stored as part of your electronic patient record for future reference and comparison.

    Eye Wellness Scan is $39 and is not covered as part of your comprehensive encounter

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